Vaccination Management


Centralized Management of all vaccinations

Create and manage vaccination profiles for all children. Record and adjust profiles to keep it up to date.

Remind parents of upcoming vaccinations

DocPulse automatically sends SMSes to parents based on vaccination profile.

Remind parents of upcoming vaccinations


Auto Setup based on birthdate

Approved immunization schedules can be created automatically based on birthdate.

Customize Profiles

For each child, you can add and remove vaccinations to cater to the needs of every child.

Multiple reminders

Multiple SMS reminders can be enabled.

Rule based intelligent update

Based on administered date, future vaccinations are adjusted appropriately according to medically accepted guidelines

Color Coding

Color coded views allows for easy interpretation of vaccination profile

Vaccination Reports

Vaccination overdue reports allows easy tracking of children whose vaccination are due.

"I spend 6 months of the year in the US. My patients can still reach me via DocPulse video consultation. This has really made a difference to my practice. More over, I can refer to the medical records of the patient while providing consultation"

Leading Pediatric Dermatologist from Bangalore