Stock & Inventory


Centralized Management of all stocks

Record and manage all stocks required for your day to day operations.

Stay on top of your stock - always

Get reports of pending and dispensed orders. Get a snapshot of your stocks!


Get Notified by Email when stocks go low

When your stocks go low, get notified so that you can replenish them in time.


Add Stocks

Add or import stocks. Capture initial quantity, details of suppliers

Search Stocks

Get a snapshot of your inventory.

Request Stocks

Allows your staff to request for stocks online

Dispense Stocks

Store managers can dispense stocks requested

Manage Stock Orders

Store Managers can keep track of pending and dispensed orders.

Stock Reports

At any point, you can get a snapshot of stocks remaining and stock movements

Stock Notifications

When any stocks goes below a configured threshold get notified by SMS and Email.

“Before DocPulse, a lot of processes were paper based. Stocks were getting lost, and many times, we could not buy stocks at the right time. DocPulse has eased the administration quite a bit”

Owner of a diabetic clinic